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Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning Services

At Culver's we will discuss all of your pruning needs. Whether your plants need to be pruned We offer a complete service that consists of a well trained staff that are ready and able to help!. Most importantly our staff is experienced in this area only will use high quality tools, which assures a better cut and therefore better maintenance for the tree and shrub.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Why to Prune

PROPER PRUNING and TIMING is critical to the overall health and growth of many trees and shrubs. It may not be necessary to prune every year, however, it is wise to inspect annually. New insect infested wood may be occurring and therefore the actual life of the tree or shrub may be at stake. Pruning is mostly performed in the Spring and Fall, depending on the flowering time of the shrub


Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Monitoring Plants

In order for your tree or shrub to thrive make sure to do an annual exam to make sure the plant is happy and healthy. Note any decaying areas, broken limbs, or anything that may seem unusual. If you need help, contact us before it is too late for your plant to recover.

Purposes and Benefits of Pruning

Pruning Trees and Shrubs


Often, pruning is needed to provide a safe environment at home or at the office. If plants are growing beyond the space they have been given to grow, pruning is a great option to control the size of the plants. Pruning dead or weak limbs in a tree can be a crucial piece of staying safe outdoors, especially during inclement weather.
Pruning Trees and Shrubs


Rejuvenation pruning is the removal of old limbs or stems with the intention of allowing the plant to regrow young, vigorous stems. Often times, rejuvenation pruning can result in the removal of all of the limbs prior to spring, leaving just a few inches of growth. This is great for plants like spirea or dogwoods. If you aren't sure what to prune and when, stop out and visit us.
Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Better form

Some trees and shrubs may require more pruning maintenance than others. At Culver's our knowledgeable staff can help you identify which plants need to be pruned regularly and those that do not need pruned. A shrub with a habit similar to a briadalwreath spirea looks best in a natural form, where as evergreen topiaries will be best suited when pruned regularly.

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