Why are Bulbs good for Bees?

Why are Bulbs good for Bees?

If you love bees like we do, keep reading to find out why bulbs are a good source of pollen for bees.


With the movement to save bees and be more conscientious of our gardening practices, the question often comes up, "What can I plant to attract bees and other pollinators?"

Once you understand how bees see the world of flowers, you will realize that certain color combinations are more appetizing than others.  Bees are trio-chromatic, similar to people, where they will see ultraviolet light, blue, and green rather than blue, red, and yellow.  Unfortunately, one color bees are not able to see is the color red.  It appears as black rather than a color.  With that said, scientists have concluded that bees favor purple, blue, and white flowers.

So, why plant bulbs?

As bees are coming out of hibernation, they often look for nearby sources of food for their hives.  Bees won't travel too far in early spring, so it is best to plant large areas of bulbs for them to use as a food source, especially since most plants are still dormant in the landscape.  Bulbs like grape hyacinth and scilla are great to attract bees because of their colors, along with tulips and daffodils.  For a later blooming bulb, allium would be a great choice to plant.


Just remember if you want to attract bees, plant large groups of flowers, rather than one bulb here and one there.  Also, red flowers, while not appearing red, can be incorporated into groupings to provide some contrast for the bees sight.

If your aren't sure how to plant bulbs, it is easy.  Learn how here!



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