Add Year-Round Color to Your Garden

Add Year-Round Color to Your Garden

New art poles are here and they are more beautiful than ever.  If you have a spot in your garden that needs a pop of color, is too shaded to grow more than moss, or is too hot for even a succulent to grow, you're in luck.  An art pole can add color to any space indoors or out.

Why add an artpole?

Art Poles are an impactful way to bring beautiful artwork to any landscape. With extreme durability for all seasons, they will bring years of enjoyment to your space.  The best part about these art poles is the ease of installation and upkeep.  All hardware for installing your art pole is included, so there is no digging required.  And, all art poles are proudly made in the USA.

How did Art Poles originate?

Art Poles came about as a different version of a peace pole.  Peace Poles date back to the early 1900s as a way to signify kindness, hope, and peace.   Instead of signifying peace, art poles help people express themselves artistically in the garden, adding year-round color to any space.

What if I don't have space outdoors?

Art poles can be displayed indoors, as well.  With new stands this season, anyone can enjoy these works of art, as long as you have a level place for the stand to sit.

Art Poles as Gifts

Because there is meaning behind each pole, art poles make thoughtful gifts for art lovers, peace lovers, memorials, weddings, and more.  Since they are easy to install, they aren't difficult for the recipients to enjoy, which we think is a win for everyone.

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