Sleek Storage to Stay Safe

Sleek Storage to Stay Safe

This week we are featuring Tami's Favorite Thing, the Bandi Pocket Belt!  Want to know why this is one of Tami's Top Picks at Culver's?...keep reading. 🙂

What is a Bandi Belt?

At Culver's, we strive to find new exciting things to add to the gift shop.  One thing we always keep in mind is finding perfect gifts for the busy mom on the go.  A Bandi belt is a sleek alternative to a fanny pack.  It can hold a phone, keys, money, and so much more.  Wear it under your shirt to disguise your secret pocket, or wear it over your shirt to show off the stylish print.  There is even a divider in the belt to keep keys from scratching your phone!

Why are they so great?

Tami loves the Bandi belts that just arrived in the gift shop!  As a mother of 5 and a business owner, she is always on the go.  With the Bandi belt, she can easily carry her phone, money, and keys with her whenshe goes out for a run or walk.  Instead of ditching her phone and being unreachable, she can comfortably bring it with her in case of an emergency.

Besides being a great addition to your workout attire, this new sleek storage is also great for ball games, carrying medical supplies (EpiPen, insulin pump, etc.), and for shopping.  Go hands free and purse free whenever you need to!


Comfortable, safe storage that adjusts to most sizes!  Tami gives it two thumbs up!

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  1. Looks like a must have. How much is it? Sally

    • Culver's Garden Experts

      They are $28.99. We have 6 different patterns and one to fit the larger phones.

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