What to Use for Japanese Beetles

What to Use for Japanese Beetles

Do you have Japanese Beetles destroying your beautiful plants?  Some years are worse than others for Japanese Beetle damage.  In case you forgot to treat your plants with a preventative insecticide, there are still options to combat the beetles.  Check out the product guide below and let us help you decipher what the differences are.

What should I use to beat the beetles?



  • • Bonide Captain Jack Deadbug Brew (contact)
  • • Milky Spore (prevention)
  • • Bonide Japanese Beetle Killer RTU (contact)
  • • Beetle Traps  (infestations/disposal)


  • • Bonide Eight (contact)*
  • • Sevin (contact)*
  • • *Please note days to harvest listed in the directions per crop


  • • Bonide Systemic Insecticide RTS (contact & systemic)
  • • Bayer Rose and Flower Drench (systemic)


  • • Bayer 24 Hour Grub Killer (contact)
  • • Grubex  Season Long Control (contact/prevent)
  • • Bonide Systemic Insecticide RTS(contact/prevent)
Deciphering the differences in products...

What is the difference between a contact spray and a systemic product?  If you think about these insect control products as medicine for your plants, it may make a bit more sense.

Systemic products are like an oral medicine and contact sprays are like a topical cream. Say for instance that you had a rash on your arm.  You might choose to take an antihistamine orally or you could use a cream for topical use.  Both will work, however you need to decide what is best for you.

When you want to use a systemic product, make sure to give the plant plenty of time to take up the product.  If you have a large tree, you will need to mark your calendar a month prior to the Japanese Beetles arrival.  If you plan for the beetles to come in July, you should apply the systemic around Memorial Day for best protection.  For smaller plants a few weeks will be enough for the plant to absorb the product.  In the meantime, you can combat the beetles with any of our contact sprays.


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