Shoo Mosquito, Don’t Bother Me

Shoo Mosquito, Don’t Bother Me

With recent rain and warm temperatures, it seems like avoiding mosquitoes is impossible.  But now, we have some solutions!  Insert drum roll please... 🙂

Area Control

Depending on how you like to apply your area control, we have some excellent options in the garden center.  The Mosquito Beater by Bonide is one of our favorites.  It smells amazing (think citronella candle meets fresh geranium scent).  You simply open the shaker side of the container and shake away into your problem areas of your yard.  Going on one week after our first test application of this season and this product is working great!  Depending on amount of rain, one application should last for 3 weeks.  This product is listed on Bonide's website as Pet Safe!  For another Pet Safe Option, we also have select organic area repellents that are Certified Pet Safe.

Another great product is the Cutter Backyard Bug Control.  This is great for a longer lasting control.  This product simply screws onto your hose and the water pressure from your hose helps apply the bug control.  This product lasts close to 3 months and can treat 5,000 square feet.

If you are just having a few friends over and need a quick solution to keeping your guests insect bite free, try out the Mosquito Beater Fogger.  This product is an employee favorite for smaller areas that need to be mosquito free, quickly.

Skin Applications

Skin applications work differently for everyone.  Some have great luck with DEET free products and others do not.  At Culver's, we stock several DEET free products including Bug Soother & Bug Protector, as well as low DEET products, such as Cutter Skinsations & Repel.

And new in the garden center is our 100% essential oil spray to keep mosquitoes away!

Spray Free Alternative

If sprays or powders are not your thing, try one of our Insect Repellent Scarves.  Just a few left in stock!  They are super soft, light weight, and do an amazing job at keeping insects away.  We love this option for little ones!


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