All About Basil

All About Basil

Have you ever wanted to try to grow your own basil, but you just aren't sure how to do it?  Read on to see just how easy it is!

Where to Start?

When growing basil, it is best to make sure you have at least half a day of sun.  Pick out a sunny location in your garden or even plant a pot with herbs.

Basil can get large, so if you want to be able to harvest often, bigger pots tend to allow for more growth.  If planting in a pot, make sure it has holes at the bottom for drainage and fill with your favorite potting mix.  We love the Purple Cow potting mix for herbs.

If you are planting in the ground, make sure you pick a spot that has good drainage.  Basil does not like to stay wet.

Basil Care

Since you have the sun and soil down, now you need to know how to water and fertilize.  Allow the soil to dry out in between watering.  Rain and weather will determine how often your basil will need watered.  When you do water, try to water at the base of the plant.  This ensures that the leaves stay dry, even if you are watering later in the day.  We fertilize herbs each week to keep them actively growing.


When you harvest basil, always pinch the top.  This helps keep flowering to a minimum (since that will take energy away from the leaf growth) and pinching the top will help your basil fill out, rather than look like a tree (if you strip the bottom leaves of the plant).

Ways to Use Basil

Here are some fun ways to use basil.

  1. 1. Pizza
  2. 2. Bruchetta
  3. 3. Sauces
  4. 4. Kebabs
  5. 5. Salads
  6. 6. Infused Oils
  7. 7. Pesto
  8. 8. Pastas
  9. 9. Beverages

Strawberry Basil Cocktail

  • -Fresh Strawberries
  • -2 Basil Leaves
  • -Lemonade
  • -1 Ounce of Vodka

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