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The Magic of the Holidays at Culvers

Experience the magic of the holidays at Culver's!  From gardening gifts to beautiful ornaments, we have a little something for everyone.  Plus, get your gardening fix in our back greenhouse, full of lush houseplants, poinsettias, and more!

Amaryllis: Blooms for the Holidays!

Blooming amaryllis bulbs are a sure sign that Christmas is right around the corner. Follow the instructions below to produce vibrant, long-lasting flowers throughout the Holiday season! Soil - The best growing media for your Amaryllis bulb is a mix of 2 parts potting mix to 1 part sand and 1 part black topsoil.  Amaryllis bulbs like a heavier soil…

Jellybean Rug…”washes better than your jeans”

Why do we sell rugs in a garden center?  Find out how they can improve your in and outdoors below! The Versatile Rug Jellybean rugs are great to add a pop of color and style to the home.  They can be used as an accent rug in any room or front doorstep, inside or outside.  Jellybean rugs come…