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All About Milorganite

If you have ever wondered how Milorganite is made, what it is, or even what uses it may have, this video explains the history and process of how the product came to be.

Shoo Mosquito, Don’t Bother Me

With recent rain and warm temperatures, it seems like avoiding mosquitoes is impossible.  But now, we have some solutions!  Insert drum roll please... :) Area Control Depending on how you like to apply your area control, we have some excellent options in the garden center.  The Mosquito Beater by Bonide is one of our favorites.…

What to Use for Japanese Beetles

Do you have Japanese Beetles destroying your beautiful plants?  Some years are worse than others for Japanese Beetle damage.  In case you forgot to treat your plants with a preventative insecticide, there are still options to combat the beetles.  Check out the product guide below and let us help you decipher what the differences are. What should…

How to Handle the Heat in Your Garden

When summer arrives in Eastern Iowa, there is no telling what the weather will be like.  One moment we have ample rain, the next it is dry. Plus, the temperatures can range from mid-70s to the high 90s and beyond.  Below are some things to keep in mind with caring for your plants during the summer.…