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Landscaping - Walls and Hardscapes

Boulder Walls
Boulder Walls

These artfully designed and placed boulders possess strength while maintaining a natural aesthetic appearance in the landscape. A great way to accent your hillsides, create tiering and border landscape beds. These are great options to begin your landscape makeover.

+ More About Boulder Walls

If you are looking for a material to separate your landscape and create a stunning natural look then you may want to add a boulder wall. These stones are chosen to compliment your landscape and come in a variety of sizes and color. They can be placed to create borders, tiers, walls, ponds, waterfalls and more. Boulders are becoming increasingly popular and consist of a long lasting natural material that when carefully designed by a Culver's expert will provide a functional and very distinctive accent to your landscape.

Segmental Block Retaining Walls
Segmental Block Retaining Walls

This type of wall system is very popular for many reasons. These blocks provide attractive options and are available in different sizes, colors and textures. Virtually maintenance free, segmental block is durable and is also economically a great choice.

+ More About Segmental Block Walls

Culver's is the premier landscape company in the midwest that has many years of experience installing modular retaining wall systems. We will work with you on your particular ideas keeping in mind the functionality of the wall. Priorities will be to hold back the applied earth pressure while fitting the contours of your property. Modular blocks are great for many other landscape construction formations also. Keystone is a particular type we are proud to install due to the remarkable positive connection that the pins provide. These blocks also make great planter beds, tree rings, steps, columns, borders, pond walls and more. At Culver's we are an industry leader for segmental block retaining wall systems. Our innovative designs and installations have won prestigious awards! We are always coming up with new ways to enhance your landscape with the attractive features modular block provides.

Natural Limestone Walls
Natural "Limestone" Walls

Exhibit the beauty of a subtle natural color with a limestone classic wall. Providing a wonderful focal point, this material is durable and genuine. Work with a Culver's expert and discover the incredible options available.

+ More About Limestone Walls

At Culver's our strength is in our design and reliability to perform the job correctly the first time. Limestone creations, veneers, stone and trim accents can be fabricated to meet your needs in varying sizes. Our experience in cutting this material can lead to some pretty creative projects. Our designs have become case studies and our service with the equipment we have at Culver's Landscape, is unmatched as the premier limestone wall installers.

Kastle Walls
Kastle Walls

Achieve the appearance of a natural stone wall but with poured concrete blocks that have a natural stoneface look. This system works well for taller walls and is extremely durable.

+ More About Kastle Walls

Kastle walls consist of massive blocks that are extremely strong, stable, and therefore long lasting. At Culver's we will offer engineering assistance that will ensure a properly designed and installed project. We pay close attention to safety measures when installing a large wall and adhere to all specifications necessary. Kastle Wall Literature (PDF)

Lake Walls

Lake Walls
Construction at Lake Delhi

Every wall built by a Culver's professional will require a site inspection and evaluation before the design process even begins. There are a lot of factors to consider and the site is the first analysis.

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Purpose of a Retaining Wall

Focal Point with a Purpose

Walls are built for many reasons. Of course the main one being to hold back a mass of land and to create a division. They are also often used to prevent slope erosion and can be designed with tiering effects. But besides the actual purpose, the investment in a wall will also provide a huge return by being aesthetically pleasing too! There are many choices in wall material today but please keep in mind the height and need of the wall first, which may dictate the material allowed to be used. At Culver's we know which walls require engineering and work with the appropriate affiliations to complete the job right the first time.

Why Choose Culver's to Build Your Wall

We believe the product we provide, the designs we create, and the installations we perform to be of an unmatched service in the Midwest. Our award winning designs will increase the value of your property more than the cost to install it. We are reliable with a very educated and skilled staff to perform the work. We take great pride in the fact you have chosen Culver's as a company with proven results and we will do our best to work with you every step of the way. Enjoy browsing some options below and give us a call today. (images courtesy King's Materials)

Engineering & Safety

We take great pride at Culver's for strict adherence to all safety rules and regulations. Monthly OSHA meetings are held to provide our staff with education and training to keep everyone safe on the job.

Compaction & Soil Testing


We work closely with professional engineer consultants that help provide particular environmental precautions and guidelines. This will ensure cost effective measures , excel in efficiency and get the job done safely


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