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Beautiful Clay Pots and Pottery
At Culver's, we are proud to provide an exciting collection of beautifully glazed pottery and stone statuary.

We know the accent to any patio or garden begins with this choice. You will not want to miss the extensive selection of what we shop hard to find and carry. The selections will vary throughout the year so please stop in often to see what is NEW! You will find superior designs, meeting both traditional and trendy needs for your home and garden.

The classic timeless pieces are always a treasure, often offering a aged vintage appearance or cast stone look. Or perhaps you prefer a splash of color! We select new glazes each year and take pride in our buyer's choices. What ever your choice may be, Culver's will present an unmatched quality and selection to choose from.

Pottery & Statuary

Pots and Pottery
Largest selection in Eastern Iowa

From glazed to cast stone, you will be amazed at the choices Culver's has to offer you for pottery and fountains. Cast stone is available in different stains, offering a selection to fit your particular look. With varying patinas, you have more opportunity to select the one that appeals to you. Glazes will also come in a variety of colors to best accent your patio or garden. Each piece of glazed pottery is unique depending how the glaze fired. Therefore, you truly may be selecting a one of kind piece.

The sound of water from a striking fountain on your grounds can bring a sense of pure peace. Enjoy walking the patio and gardens at Culver's and select the garden accent that is just right for you! View our online gallery here.

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