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Plants Make Great Gifts!

Hanging Basket of Flowers
Experienced Planting

It's fun to work with you and come up with some spectacular designs. We will design the perfect container for you, using Culver's-grown plants to compliment your container. Do you have bright light or very little? Knowing the environment of the plant can help us design something that will not only live, but thrive in your location. Our planting staff is knowledgeable and here for YOU!

Get Inspired!

Come walk through our gift shop and greenhouses for some holiday inspiration. Also, check out our online gallery!

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Custom Plantners for Every Season

Custom Flower Container
Looking for a unique design? Tired of seeing dirt in your pots in winter?

We LOVE to customize things for you! Bring in your special container or select from 100's of pottery and container choices available here at Culver's. We'll work with you on a creative design, and send you home with something spectacular that will WOW your neighbors. Contact us today!

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Custom Flower Container Custom Flower Container Custom Flower Container