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Nursery - Trees and Shrubs

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Wonderful Selection To Choose From

Maple Shade Tree - Autumn Blaze
Shade Trees

Looking to make a statement and provide some well needed shade around your home? You may be looking for a strong and hardy shade tree that will provide year round magnificence. The canopy of a shade tree on your property will help cool your home or business and in the hot summers of Iowa, that is a blessing!

+ More About Shade Trees

Many shade trees are found protecting the south end of your home therefore protecting you and your investment. The density of the foliage of the tree may make a difference in your choice. By speaking with a nursery expert, we can help understand your overall picture. It is important to know what you are planting beneath or near the tree. The shade tree may provide too much shade for plantings in the area and it may be important to strategically place it on your property keeping that in mind. Some well-known types include oaks, maples, lindens and locusts. The type of shade tree can differ in the density, color and shape of the foliage. It is also important to understand the root length and growth rate of the tree in correlation to your home and foundation. If you want to protect your investment and need more information, speak with our knowledgeable staff. We will help guide you and show you options you may have never even thought about before!

Ornamental Trees

If you are looking for a relatively easy to grow tree that won't take over your yard while offering you a shout of color in the Spring and Fall, then you may want to plant a flowering ornamental tree! Speak to a nursery expert at Culver's and learn about the varieties we have to offer.

Ash Tree
+ More About Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees are absolutely stunning and will most likely draw attention to your landscape. Many are flowering and some bear fruit. A great majority of them will stay under 25' tall which makes them easy to maintain. The gorgeous Spring and Fall colors and even bark textures will add beauty to your community and enhance year round eye candy for you to enjoy. We will continue to provide exciting choices that you have come to expect. Weeping varieties and some even on standard have been HOT items lately. We often visit with customers who have seen an "unusual and never seen that one before" tree while visiting someone else's home. And yes, they were told they got it at Culver's, and that's why they are here. So if you need advice to add some beauty to your home and street stop out and view the hundreds of ornamental tree options we have for you. Neatly arranged and well taken care of, we LOVE our ornamental trees!

Apple Fruit Tree
Fruit Trees

Ever want to grow your own fruit? Well now you can and also enjoy the beauty of the gorgeous tree bearing the fruit itself! Fruit trees have become more and more popular as individuals are becoming more conscious of where their food is coming from.

+ More About Fruit Trees

Do you prefer to know if what you eat has been treated with insecticides or chemicals? At Culver's we offer many different types of fruit trees, all with differing appearances and growth rates. Speak with a Culver's nursery expert and learn about the proper pruning techniques of the fruit tree. You may want to keep some branches lower so it will be easier to pull the fresh fruit from the limbs. We will help you establish a great root system that will help produce fruit faster and of better quality. Our knowledgeable staff will know if there needs to be a pollinator involved and help educate you on training the type of cultivar you've chosen. It's fun, it's easy, and we are here to help you because that is what we do best!


What a great way to add texture to your landscape! Shrubs can be either deciduous (loosing leaves seasonally) or evergreens (a plant that has leaves all season). There are many varieties that thrive in the sun and many meant for the shade.

Flowering Shrub

+ More About Shrubs

There are many varieties that thrive in the sun and many meant for the shade. Shrubs can be showy and complementing to bordering your home or garden. You don't want to make a mistake though and trim them at the wrong time or damage the plant itself. At Culver's we will educate you on how to properly care for your shrub. Timing of pruning is a pretty important procedure. Keeping the shrub size under control and ensuring the overall health will be knowledge well worth the trip to Culver's. We will teach you how to prune your investment, reinvigorating the shrub for the season to come.

Walk through our wonderful selection of trees and shrubs!

For more inspiration, browse through our picture gallery, showcasing what we have to offer on our premise as well as the beautiful work of our residental and commercial landscapers!

Why we are different than a "Big Box" Store

Landscaped Pond at Culvers
At Culver's Garden Center & Greenhouse,

you will find our nursery bursting with an array of unusual options for your landscape. We have carefully designed displays to help you see how the plant will mature and appear in an actual landscape setting. It is important to speak with one of our nursery experts so that you will not only receive a plant aesthetically pleasing to the eye but one that will thrive when planted in the right area! Different varieties will offer different fall foliage options with varying heights. One plant may require more sunlight than another, or watering needs may differ. And of course, you would not want to make the mistake of growing a tree that is too big for your yard! At Culver's we take the time to listen to your unique setting and situation.

Cute Deer
Do you have deer?

Let us help with some deer resistant varieties. We will offer our advice in order to try to help you achieve the results you are looking for at a value you can afford and in a timely manner. We want to establish a lasting relationship with you. You are the reason we were voted a top 100 Revolutionary Garden Center Winner nationwide, by Today's Garden Center!

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