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Paisano & Sunny Boy Tomatoes
Bumper Crop Tomatoes
Eat What You Grow!

Enjoy healthy, nutritious and beautiful green plants. We'll teach you which containers and growing media are best for herbs and vegetable planting. You are going to LOVE having them at your fingertips, FRESH for when you are ready to cook. Plants can be kept right on your deck or patio. Most herbs and vegetables do well with a lot of sunlight, plus they are pretty easy to grow! Don't wait until we run out - get started growing your own garden today!

Tomato Varieties

We currently have several varieties available in the greenhouse as of 4/14/17.

Culver's Grown - Herbs & Vegetables

Herbs and Vegetables
Edible Gardening

Browse our herbs and vegetables. Please keep in mind plant growing times may vary, so check back often or ask if you are looking for a particular variety. Chances are we will have it! Gardening can be a great hobby and learning experience for children, as well. Let us help you get started growing your own food today!

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Salad Greens and Lettuce Cold Crop Vegetables Bumper Crop Tomatos
Herbs Peppers and Vegetables Kale