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Enjoy Tropical Plants in the Landscape.

Geographically Iowa's environment is not warm enough for a tropical plant to survive through the winter months, nor temperatures under 45 degrees. However, don't let this stop you from enjoying them all SUMMER long. Many choose to treat a tropical plant as an annual here. At Culver's we provide luscious and beautiful tropicals that will accent your patio, containers, and landscape. Tropicals thrive in the hot summer months in Iowa. Many tropicals can be taken indoors for the winter or kept as houseplants, too!

Hanging Baskets

The beauty of the basket
Hanging Baskets

At Culver's we begin planting thousands of beautiful hanging baskets in over 60,000 sq. ft of greenhouse space during the cold winter months while the snow is still falling. This way the baskets are large and ready, bursting with great color for you when you are ready to accent your home or business. Come see why Culver's is Bigger Blooming. Better Performing.

Types and Sizes

Hanging Baskets come in a variety of sizes at Culver's, ranging from 12" to 24". Custom baskets can be designed to fit your needs, with orders taken during the winter months to early Spring. Culver's signature baskets are striking and different. Many specialty hanging containers can be replanted from one season to the next and brought in season after season for custom planting. 

5 Top Reasons to Shop The Greenhouses at Culver's

  • 1. EVENTS & SEMINARS - Join our Email Contact List so you don't miss out! Throughout the year at Culver's we will provide educational seminars and fun learning opportunities for both adults and kids! View our calendar for upcoming events!
  • 2.Culver's plants REALLY are Bigger Blooming & Better Performing! And because we grow them here you don't pay extra for plants that come off a truck. We keep our prices in line with what they should be and it's environmentally friendly. See what specials we may have, they change often, so check back!
  • 3. We are a LOCAL business with KNOWLEDGEABLE & CARING STAFF! By supporting an Independent Garden Center you are valuing the community in which you live and the people that work here. Local businesses support other local businesses.
  • 4. BETTER SERVICE - You will find the healthiest selection of plants and the ones you want. We listen to your needs and don't just roll in a truck of plants someone thinks you should have.
  • 5. The SHOPPING EXPERIENCE itself! Culver's truly is a beautiful place to spend some time browsing the many display gardens, greenhouses and nursery grounds. Don't be surprised when you run into someone you know for a great time to catch up in a beautiful setting!

Miniature & Fairy Gardening

Explore the tiny world of gardening by working with miniature plants and accessories. We are happy to help you create something that is truly one-of-a-kind! We carry a wide variety of dwarf conifers and miniature plants that are suitable for miniature gardens. We have a lot of new accessories coming in Spring 2016!

Miniature and Fairy Gardens

Throughout the year at Culver's we will hold interactive seminars where you can bring in your own container or purchase one here. We will have the accessories and plants needed to assist you with creating your own unique miniature masterpiece!

Explore our Glass Greenhouses

Showcasing Thousands of Culver's Grown Annuals
Greenhouse Flowers and Plants
Bursts of color are seen from every direction.

Spring is an exciting time to visit Culver's. We love to show off what we have been up to all winter long! Let us work with you to select the colors that best accent your home or business. Whether you have sun or shade, annuals can add a great punch of color! Designing containers is our passion, and you will find many distinctive designs and inspiration in our greenhouses.

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Have A Custom Container?

Bring in your special container and we'll plant it for you. Orders are taken over the winter months for custom planters. Different container options are also available right here at Culver's. You will find one of the most impressive pottery collections in the midwest!