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Garden Center - Gardening Products

Stop by and browse our selection of organic & traditional solutions for your lawn and pest challenges! Looking for assistance? Let the Horticulturists at Culver's help provide solutions for you! If you can't stop by and have a question for one of our experts, feel free to use our Ask Our Garden Expert Form.

Fertilizer and Weed Prevention
Fertilizer and Weed Prevention

Experience the WOW effect with the results you get from applying Dr. Earth products. A product only available to independent garden centers, and one we feel very fortunate to carry! Our customers are LOVING it and the results are phenomenal. It is organic, safe for kids, pets and wildlife. Also available at Culvers are the traditional synthetic fertilizers and weed products available form your trusted Scotts brand.

Lawn Seed and Grass Seed
Lawn Seed

Get your lawn started with either an organic seed from Dr. Earth, or a synthetic product from the trusted Scotts name. At Culver's, we carry them both! We will help you decide just how much you need for your area. Learn about 4 step program options, browse the proper spreader and accessories you will need to help get your lawn green!

Animal Repellent
Animal Repellent

We've got you covered for all your pest control! KEEP AWAY deer, rabbits, squirrels, rodents, dogs and cats. At Culver's, you will find several different applications. Liquid Fence comes in the form of a liquid. Deerscram is a product that is available in a granular formula. Or if you would prefer, Pellets are also now a choice with a systemic intake. Speak with a Culver' garden center expert to help choose the product that is just right for you.

Insect Control and Pest Control
Insect Control

Protect your investment in your lawn and garden from insects that can do severe damage. At Culver's you will find we carry a wide selection of both organic and traditional products.. We'll help you solve the problem by discussing which products you need to battle your particular pest. Application methods include powders, ready to use, and concentrates. We are committed to providing the best possible and cost effective solution for you.

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Bulbs, Seeds and More
Bulbs, Seeds & More

Seed Savers
Seed Savers!

Seed Potatoes, Onions, Vegetable Seeds
Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets