6 Benefits of Houseplants in the Classroom

6 Benefits of Houseplants in the Classroom

With school right around the corner or in the first few days of session, some parents may wonder what they can do to help make this the best year yet.  At Culver's we know plants and houseplants can help improve your health, but we wanted to dig deeper to see if they could benefit students.  So, we looked at some recent studies and want to share the stats with you!

The Benefits of Houseplants in the Classroom

We looked at several studies to see how students can benefit from plants in the classroom. Studies from Australia’s University of Technology, Sydney, the University of Michigan, and the American Society for Horticultural Science compared students of all ages in classrooms that had potted plants to those that did not.  Their results were amazing!

Here is what the studies found:

  • 1. Having Plants in the classroom lowered the number of students missing school due to illness.
  • 2. Plants in the classroom actually improved grades and behavior with middle school aged students.
  • 3. In Universities, it was found to improve the performance and lower discomfort of college students.
  • 4. Students and their teachers felt more satisfaction and positive feelings around learning in their classrooms.
  • 5. Memory retention in the classrooms were significantly higher - Up to 20% higher!
  • 6. Plants in the classroom improved spelling, math, and science scores by an astonishing 14%.


Besides the results of the studies, having plants in the classroom can offer the opportunity for kids to become connected with nature.  Plants can also be used as a teaching tool, like learning to care for a living thing, learning responsibility during the care process,  and giving the students a sense of accomplishment when watching the plants grow.  Stop out to Culver's Garden Center & Greenhouse to stock up on houseplants!


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