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Amaryllis: Blooms for the Holidays!

Blooming amaryllis bulbs are a sure sign that Christmas is right around the corner. Follow the instructions below to produce vibrant, long-lasting flowers throughout the Holiday season! Soil - The best growing media for your Amaryllis bulb is a mix of 2 parts potting mix to 1 part sand and 1 part black topsoil.  Amaryllis bulbs like a heavier soil…

Jellybean Rug…”washes better than your jeans”

Why do we sell rugs in a garden center?  Find out how they can improve your in and outdoors below! The Versatile Rug Jellybean rugs are great to add a pop of color and style to the home.  They can be used as an accent rug in any room or front doorstep, inside or outside.  Jellybean rugs come…

Got Food?

Need a great recipe for a holiday party or a family get together?  Check out these great recipes below. Culver’s Garden Center and Greenhouse is a one stop shop!  Not only do we carry the perfect plants to spruce up your yard or containers before that yearly get-together, we also carry the perfect décor and…