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6 Benefits of Houseplants in the Classroom

With school right around the corner or in the first few days of session, some parents may wonder what they can do to help make this the best year yet.  At Culver's we know plants and houseplants can help improve your health, but we wanted to dig deeper to see if they could benefit students.…

New Bamboo at Culver’s

If you have ever come across bamboo clothing, sheets, or fabric, you know that it is quite luxurious.  Come try on the amazing new bamboo pieces, made right here in the USA!  They are extremely comfortable and very versatile!

Shoo Mosquito, Don’t Bother Me

With recent rain and warm temperatures, it seems like avoiding mosquitoes is impossible.  But now, we have some solutions!  Insert drum roll please... :) Area Control Depending on how you like to apply your area control, we have some excellent options in the garden center.  The Mosquito Beater by Bonide is one of our favorites.…

What to Use for Japanese Beetles

Do you have Japanese Beetles destroying your beautiful plants?  Some years are worse than others for Japanese Beetle damage.  In case you forgot to treat your plants with a preventative insecticide, there are still options to combat the beetles.  Check out the product guide below and let us help you decipher what the differences are. What should…